Golf GPS VS Laser Rangefinder : Advantages & Disadvantages

Golf GPS VS Laser Rangefinder ! There are some built-in limitations to the GPS devices, and in comparison to golf laser rangefinders we necessarily find advantages and disadvantages:

This is the question, which rangefinder is best suited for you. To do this, you should consider following aspects:


  • Accuracy (30% Weighting)
  • Ease of use (25% weight)
  • Flexibility (25% weight)
  • Cost (20% Weighting)


Since 2013, golf laser and GPS range finders are only allowed in tournaments. So you will definitely need a great golf GPS watch or  a good laser rangefinder to play the best shot! Thanks to this technology, the game has changed. Blind rates of distance from the past. But for the game not to suffer, you should opt for the right tools.


Precision is the alpha and omega in golf, but you will not be able to do everything. Either we decide for precision, or against it. Golf laser usually measures exactly one meter. Some high-end models even on a decimeter exactly. There but I wonder if this is really useful.

Good GPS devices are accurate for most to a few meters, but this can vary with time. Not exactly the position of the flag can also be seen in GPS device, which is why users should be aware of where it is located. At the end, when all factors are met, you can overestimate themselves easily or superior with GPS devices at 5-10 meters. So, some good shots may miss the green.

Conclusion: Clearly more for golf laser (9/10), GPS (1/10)

Ease of use

Laser golf at every measurement of his pocket and are aimed at the target like a pair of binoculars. It only takes a few seconds for some practice. The battery lasts for several years, which must be changed only very rarely.

Golf GPS VS Rangefinder

GPS devices can be attached, for example, like a clock on the arm or a display for the bag and just a brief glance. However, the position of the indicator must be determined, which takes a few moments. A major disadvantage is the battery life. Often, you must recharge the device before each round, which is quite annoying. The batteries over time will deteriorate so that very soon a new device must be purchased. Another disadvantage is the software. Include regular updates on the PC. Not rarely there to troub

le. And when the played golf course is not available on the device, you may not be able to use the device.

Conclusion: Golf Laser (4/10) and GPS (6/10) balanced


Here the golf laser has bright nose before. Almost all goals can be any measure, regardless of whether the flag, bunker edge, reserve, tree or ditch with the laser. The strategy can be planned therefore much more diversified.

GPS devices often have small screens, on which one can only consider the direct distance to the green. Other obstacles or, for example, elbows are excluded. This leaves little room for a flexible hose set.

Conclusion:  Clearly more for golf laser (9/10), GPS (1/10)


There is a range of different offers. Laser golf begins according to the brand about 170 € and can cost up to 500 €.

GPS devices go from 100 € to 400 €. Generally, software updates are free, but you should get by before buying.

Conclusion: Golf Laser (4/10) and GPS (6/10) balanced


General conclusion

Many people get confused what to choose in case of rangefinder. That’s why I will rather say it is better to know the advantages and disadvantages of both the rangefinders.